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Instantané de YouTube #3

Posted in Web bazar by Sarrdanapale on juin 10, 2008
lusitanoemdublin07 (2 hours ago)
LOL. Some media circles tried to play up the fact that Nicolas Sarkozy is (was?) a tee-totaller – but they fooled no one. It is sooo clear that he was pissed. If you pause him at 0:39, you’ll notice a striking resemblance to that Alfred E. Neuman dude from MAD magazine, haha! 😀
alfaromeo1986 (23 hours ago)
French people 🙂 and french language is terrible
SmartNameHere (1 day ago)
au :38 he smiles like an imp.
htezerdi (1 day ago)
my gawd, is this guy for real? The french sure can pick a president. i wont trust them to pick lunch after seeing this
vendetta007mike (1 day ago)
omg ATTENTION ATTENTION SIL VOUS PLAIS I AM not drunk wtf did he appear to public in that situation….O yes the next time he is drunk hide the nuke missile detonation system away cuz he may nuke his country…..
golliwogg07 (2 days ago)
such a good president.
frenchman4life (2 days ago)
putain comment sarko il est cramer!!! mdr
frenchman4life, tu as putain
frenchman4life (1 day ago)
koi…j’comprend pas!!! « tu as putain » explique?
snoutchiboutchi (4 days ago)
le sourire nier
il est con notre presidant
oui ils n’avais pas but que de l’eau
A consommer la vidéo avec modération.

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